Snokist Custom Rods offers a complete range of custom rod building, repair and refurbishing services.  The business is owned and operated by Bill Zbitnoff.

Bill is an accomplished fisherman that started trout fishing at a very early age in Western Montana.  He began working on refurbishing bamboo rods under his father’s guidance and quickly progressed to building custom rods for his own use.  He continued building rods for himself and friends into his early 20’s and finally opened Snokist Custom Rods in 1979 in response to people constantly asking to buy the rods he was building. He went on to providing custom rod building and rod repair service for the largest fishing tackle stores in Anchorage at the time.

Since that time Bill has built or worked on hundreds of rods of all types including graphite, fiberglass, bamboo and even some metal rods. He has built every type of rod imaginable from small delicate fly rods to heavy big game rods for tuna and marlin.  Bill has also repaired and refurbished all types of bamboo rods including fine collector rods.  If there is a rod made for fishing it is most likely that he has worked with it.

Bill is now providing those services in Western Washington.  He offers a full range of custom rod building and repair services.  He is always happy to discuss your custom rod building needs or rod repair requirements.  Please email Bill at with your questions.